Stop the Chop

To:  City and County of San Francisco

Some Haight Ashbury property owners are killing mature street trees to put in private garages. Two mature trees, at 1514 Waller and 1478 Page, will be chopped down -- unless you stop 'em.

We will lose: On-street parking; level sidewalks; and beautiful, healthy street trees that clean the air, calm the wind, calm traffic, and provide shade to people and houses.

Street trees and on-street parking spaces are public property in San Francisco, yet the city keeps giving these things away for private parking in garages. This supposedly frees up more public parking spaces, but these are soon filled up with more cars. So all we really end up with are fewer trees and more cars.

The Undersigned

  Name Comments
67. Norma J F Harrison
66. Joseph M. Brenner
65. Richard Lynch trees and bikes lend a bit of paradise to our busy city, cars and more garages only breed more nastiness
64. Daniel Convissor
63. Lee Grygo Trees also contribute oxygen to our environment. Cars only pollute. Let's support LIFE.
62. Paul Dorn
61. Robert Hines
60. Emma Garrard Car pollution is choking our cities; citizen health depends on car reduction and an increase in trees, not the reverse. Please take a step towards a healthy future and protect these trees.
59. Mark Kawano
58. Neil Ramos
57. brenda balagot
56. Maureen Burke
55. Mr. Bobbie Dee Flowers
54. Nancy McNally It is a matter of life or death regarding the saving of trees and planting of new trees in order for we humans to survive. Over 50% of the trees alive when I was born have died from car pollution. Read a scary book called "The killing of Trees". A true story, our story. For such a beautiful city as SF we should be ashamed of how few trees we have. And the cutting off of funds for Friends of the Urban Forest is pathetic. Good LUck living in an airless world. Nancy McNally, founder of the National Aids Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park
53. Erica Kohnke let's keep the trees -- they make for a better neighborhood!
52. Karen Kirschling
51. Tyler McAfee GODDAMN RIGHT - Wasteful ways will be the death of us all! We should be setting an example, not leading the way to desolate gray blight. Our biodiversity depends on us! Save the trees, bury the roads... and WALK!
50. E Harshaw
49. Justin Smith Trees are more important than parking!
48. Richard Kay
47. Alison Knowles
46. Lindsay Hassett cars for trees this is insanity...sorry for the inconvenience
45. Larry Chinn
44. Kate McGee
43. Michael Humphries
42. Gustar Mono I hope we could have better future
41. Robert Castle One Less Car supports your efforts!
40. Chloe Cockburn
39. Heather Burton
38. Steven Capozzola I've lived in the Haight for 5 years; I'm greatly disheartened by all the sidewalk trees being chopped and not replaced.
37. David Favello
36. Catherine McDowall
35. Nina E. Friedman Street trees and sidewalks are public amenities, not private possessions!
34. Mark Van Ryzin
33. Dante T. Scrubb SF needs more trees (OK, except eucalypts) and fewer cars that want to drive over sidewalks and trees to get to their parking stalls.
32. Michael Smith The trees are on public property (the sidewalk) and belong to everyone. It is completely inappropriate to cut down trees that belong to everyone.
31. Blair Randall Please do not let San Francisco become more of a parking lot than it already is. If residents want more parking for their cars, look smartly at other city or corparate holdings and see where parking can be built. Thank you.
30. Ann Robson
29. Conchita Payne
28. Joshua Switzky
27. Brian Rogers
26. Nina Paley
25. AnMarie Rodgers
24. Sarah Fletcher
23. joshua krishna
22. Elizabeth Hoge, MD
21. Anna Sojourner I live on Shotwell Street and have seen it before and after trees were planted. Our street was instantly transformed when we put trees in. People started talking more, taking care of the sidewalk, and our street looks better than ever. I'd hate to think what would happen if we lost our trees. Protect street trees everywhere in the City!
20. Michael Smith Trees not ($)cars...
19. Mary McManamon
18. A P Thornley I speak for the trees -- leave 'em be!
17. Alexander Crockett Putting in more garages means more sidewalk parking, which puts pedestrians in danger. Don't allow these great trees to be removed!!
16. Robert Smith Spins, Inc.
15. Aaron Israel
14. Gladwyn d'Souza Trees are the lungs of the planet.
13. Harold Gonchar
12. George Hatcher
11. Jean Barkocy I lived in the Haight for many years, so I am well-acquainted with the parking issues there. One driveway removes at least two on-street parking spaces, available to all people visiting the area and adds private parking spaces available only to the resident of one building in the area, who may well be off parking their car in some other neighborhood, on the street. In addition, in the Haight in particular, residents use driveways as ADDITIONAL parking, thus blocking the sidewalk for pedestrians. I frequently had to walk out in the street with large bags of groceries for half a block or more because there were cars blocking the sidewalk, in driveways.
10. Shawn P. Jones I am a homeowner at 1685 oak St. #301
9. steven bodzin Trees and street parking GOOD. Curb cuts and garages BAD. Time to protect the city from cars!
8. dan farmer
7. Matt Lyons Welcome to America: where automobile storage trumps the needs of the public realm.
6. Rich Coffin Compare the Haight to portions of the sunset or's the treescape that makes the difference for walkability and a pleasant pedestrian experience. Please stop cutting the trees and turning every street into a line of garages, curb cuts and concrete. On street parking also slows down traffic.
5. Michael Calfee
4. Denise D'Anne Quit destroying the integrity of our neighborhood to house cars that are the cause of terrible environmental damage.
3. Michael Klett Transit first, garages last
2. Joseph Steinberger
1. Wendy Blanda

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