Kid biking over cars
Illustration by Hugh D'Andrade




Critical Mass isn't BLOCKING traffic --

We ARE Traffic!!!

At the end of every workday, thousands of people pour into the streets, in what has become a central ritual of life in the late twentieth century -- the daily commute.

For most people, however, getting off work is not cause for celebration, or even relief. The ride home promises frustrating gridlock, disgusting air, and for us bicyclists, constant threats to our safety and well-being.

But one day a month, the ritual is transformed. Hundreds of us get together and ride through the streets on bicycles, providing motorists, as well as ourselves, with a vision of how things could be different.

We know that you aren't responsible for the organization of our cities around motorized traffic, and if we've contributed to your delay, WE'RE SORRY! But maybe you can take this opportunity to reflect on what a world without cars would be like. Or better yet, join us next time!


Text and image by Hugh D'Andrade, from a flyer passed out to motorists & passersby circa 1993.

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