Trees Not Cars

Anti-Garage Alliance Takes It Case To The People
March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004

Who    Alliance For Golden Gate Park - Trees Not Cars - Save Golden Gate Park
What   Public discussion of recent judge ruling granting a
       "stay" over the injunction that halted construction
       of the underground garage in Golden Gate Park 
When   Sunday, March 28, 2994 - 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. 
Where  Skatin' Place - 6th Avenue and Kennedy Drive in
       Golden Gate Park

On Friday March 26, the Appeals Court granted a "stay" to the
injunction that had stopped construction of the underground
parking garage associated with the de Young Museum in Golden
Gate Park. This issue has really heated up in the past few weeks
as both sides battle it out in the courts. The Alliance for
Golden Gate Park is taking their issue directly to the people.

"The entire process of their appeal was very irregular, but for
the next 10 days they can go forward with raping our Park". says
Chris Duderstadt of the Alliance for Golden Gate Park.  "There
will be a formal hearing of the case by the Appeals Court but
with this preliminary stay it's not looking good".

"Proposition J authorizes the construction of a garage in the
Music concourse area, but it also specifically requires that the
garage be built with private funding" says Katherine Roberts
of "Trees Not Cars", the group that spearheaded the suit that
resulted in the initial injunction.  "The decision that stopped
garage construction found that the organization trying to build
the garage, the Music Concourse Community Partnership (MCCP),
was likely trying to use public funding to do so, in violation
of proposition J", says Roberts".  "The public stands to be
bilked out of tens of millions of dollars if this deal goes

"Judge McCarthy also found that the garage planning process
might have failed to meet the requirements of the California
Environmental Quality Act and denied local residents their
constitutional right of due process", says Stephen Willis of
Save Golden Gate Park, another group with a lawsuit against the
garage that's working it's way through the courts.

The Alliance for Golden Gate Park wants any changes in the
music concourse area to be developed in open, public planning
processes. The organization believes that other options, such
as improving transit, pedestrian and bicycle access would
better serve the majority of park users. We want to see a real
pedestrian oasis -- not a poorly designed garage that was
developed behind closed doors.

Members of the Alliance for Golden Gate Park, Trees Not Cars,
Save Golden Gate Park and others will take their case to the
people in Golden Gate Park Sunday, Mar. 28. at 6th Ave and
Kennedy Drive from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. There will be an
information booth and representatives from each organization
will express their views to the public and the media.
Stephen Willis     Save Golden Gate Park!         415/621-3090
Katherine Roberts  Trees Not Cars                 415/933-8967
Chris Duderstadt   Alliance for Golden Gate Park  415/661-7927