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Trees Not Cars

San Francisco, CA

Trees Not Cars sues to stop the Golden Gate Parking Garage

  • Breaking News at http://www.sfpix.com/
  • Overview of the Lawsuit and Injunction {24-Mar-2004}
  • Anti-Garage Alliance Takes Its Case to the People {26-Mar-2004}
  • Phone Blitz for Golden Gate Park {20-Apr-2004}

  • Critical Mass bicycle ride goes to the music concourse:
        Photos ··Videos {26-Mar-2004}
  • Rally at the Concourse {04-Apr-2004}
  • Garage developer threatens park, destroys trees {14-Apr-2004}
  • The No Parking Show (Benefit Concert) {08-May-2004}

    Good coverage at Beyond Chron:
  • Public Kept in the Dark over Golden Gate Park Garage {18-Nov-2004}
  • Guest Editorial: Golden Gate Park Garage by Katherine Roberts {23-Nov-2004}
    At SanFranciscoSentinel.com:
  • Hellman v. the Hellraisers {12-Mar-2004}
  • Holy Hellman, Robin! {15-Mar-2004}
    At SF Progressive:
  • Park or Parking Lot? {16-Nov-2004}
  • In the San Francisco Guardian:
  • Garage stopped ... for now {17-Mar-2004}
  • Park defeat {31-Mar-2004}
  • Opinion: Save the concourse {21-Apr-2004}
  • Garage offensive {05-May-2004}
  • Garage decision imminent {19-May-2004}
  • Cars out of the park? {07-Jul-2004}
  • Don't pave the park {17-Nov-2004}
  • In the San Francisco Chronicle:
  • More grief for parking garage plan {16-Feb-2004}
  • Park garage foes win temporary restraining order {09-Mar-2004}
  • Judge stops garage construction / Golden Gate Park project now in limbo {13-Mar-2004}
  • Court lifts injunction against Golden Gate Park garage {26-Mar-2004}
  • S.F.'s squeaky wheels (Negative Editorial) {24-Mar-2004}
       · Letter: S.F.'s squeaky wheels by Jym Dyer (Unprinted) {26-Mar-2004}
  • Garage cleared to start building/ Injunction lifted -- trial still pending {27-Mar-2004}
  • Furor over chopping down cherry trees -- 15 were felled {10-Apr-2004}
       · Letter: Concourse mayhem by Katherine Roberts {15-May-2004}
  • Garage Lawsuit: Prop. J criteria must be met by Katherine Roberts {11-May-2004}
  • Victory for park garage backers {03-Jul-2004}
  • An exhausting park fight (Negative Editorial) {08-Jul-2004}
  • Board votes for Lincoln Way entry to new GG Park garage {17-Nov-2004}
  • In S.F., change is never a walk in the park (Negative Column) {22-Nov-2004}
  • Letter: Too many autos in the park by Katherine Roberts {28-Nov-2004}
  • Garage entryway OKed {30-Nov-2004}
    In the San Francisco Examiner and Independent:
  • Judge halts park garage project (in Independent) {15-Mar-2004}
  • Garage opponents celebrate, plan for future {22-Mar-2004}
  • Garage plan revived, injunction lifted (in Independent) {29-Mar-2004}
  • Trees fall as Golden Gate garage "gains ground" {12-Apr-2004}
  • Battle rages over GG Park garage {04-Nov-2004}
  • Move forward with garage (Negative Editorial) {22-Nov-2004}
    In the Sacramento Bee and Contra Costa Times:
  • Foes fight plans for a garage in Golden Gate Park {31-Mar-2004}

  • Earlier Efforts
    We support the continuation of funding for street trees in San Francisco.

    Funding cut story in the Chronicle:
  • "Trees take fall during pruning of budget" {16-Jun-2002}
    The sad state of the city's urban forest even before the funding cut:
  • "Arborists will have to act fast to save S.F.'s urban woodlands" {22-Mar-2002}
  • Our Stop the Chop campaign came to a sad end. The city now has more cars and fewer mature trees.

    Trees Not Cars has been busier with campaigns than with updating this website. Here are some links to other sites, though:

  • ArborAtlanta operates in a city surrounded by clearcuts that are underway to create sprawl.
  • Benefits of Mature Trees, courtesy of the San Francisco Tree Council.
  • Benefits of Trees, courtesy of the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • Benefits of Trees, courtesy of the TreeLink.
  • Friends of the Urban Forest plants most of San Francisco's street trees.
  • San Francisco's Planning Department's "Better Neighborhoods 2002" program.
  • San Francisco's Department of Public Works Street Tree Information.
  • SFTrees is about identifying, planting, and caring for trees in San Francisco.
  • Tree Guide from the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Trees New York has responded to a rough urban ecosystem with innovation.
  • Urban Tree Cover and Air Quality Planning builds the case for making urban forests part of statewide policy.