Trees Not Cars

This letter was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle in response to an error in their 26-Mar-2004 editorial, S.F.'s squeaky wheels. The Chronicle did not deem this letter fit to print.

  • To:
  • From: Jym Dyer
  • Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 08:41:35 -0800 (PST)
  • Subject: Re: S.F.'s squeaky wheels
  • Organization: Trees Not Cars
  • Editor -- You describe the $50 million underground parking
    garage project in Golden Gate Park as approved by "an
    overwhelming majority."  This is not accurate.
    Voters had two opportunities to approve a publicly-funded
    de Young museum and parking garage, and voted no on both
    occasions.  In 1998 the project was split into two ballot
    measures:  Proposition A, for a publicly-funded museum,
    which voters rejected yet again; and Proposition J, for
    a privately-funded parking garage, which voters approved.
    The garage project that emerged, however, violated provisions
    of Prop J, notably by scheming to use public funds.  It is
    therefore not the project that voters approved, and Judge
    Kevin McCarthy's ruling affirms that fact.
    Your editorial ends by mentioning the Smithsonian Institution
    and the American Museum of National History.  The former has
    no parking at all and the latter did not destroy parts of Central
    Park to build a parking garage.  Both strongly encourage patrons
    to use public transit.  It seems, then, that the de Young and
    its advocates at the Chronicle should be advocating transit,
    not cars, if they wish to follow the lead of world-class
    institutions in world-class cities.
    	Jym Dyer
    	Trees Not Cars
    	San Francisco