Below is a snapshot of the online web page for our "Stop the Chop!" campaign in mid-2002. Katherine Roberts collected over 600 signatures on a petition for this campaign, and an online petition, created at the last minute, got 60 signatures in one week. Two documents, authored primarily by Katherine Roberts, describe the situation very well:
  • Our brief to the Board of Appeals.
  • A rebuttal to the brief filed by the owner of the property abutting the street tree.
  • The Board at the time was a body appointed by the Mayor, and reflected the interests of property developers. We attended a number of hearings and witnessed a number of appeals, wherein the Board always decided to cut trees. They rejected our arguments, and the trees were cut. Four years later, many of the concerns we expressed in our legal briefs turned out to be very prescient.

    Trees Not Cars

    #1: Sign The Online Petition:
    #2: Come To The Hearing on June 5th (see below for details)

    Organize to save the neighborhood trees.

    Contact Supervisor Matt Gonzalez and the Board of Appeals to


    Map Indicating Trees at 1514 Waller and 1478 Page

    Did you know? Some Haight Ashbury property owners are killing our trees to build their private garages.

    Two mature trees at 1514 Waller and 1478 Page are being chopped down -- unless you stop 'em.

    We lose:

    • On-street parking.
    • Level sidewalks.
    • Beautiful, healthy street trees.

    Here's what you can do to help:

    1. Contact Supervisor Matt Gonzalez
      Phone: 554-7630
      Address: City Hall,
      1, Dr. Goodlett Place, 94109
      Email: matt_gonzalez©
    2. Write a letter of protest to:
      Board of Permit Appeals
      1660 Mission, San Francisco, CA 94103
      Fax: 575-6885
    3. Show up at the hearing:
      June 5th, 5pm,
      City Hall, Room 416

    For more information, contact: Trees Not Cars, xxx-xxxx

    The hearing was beset with problems, which we are currently trying to have addressed. You may still contact Supervisor Gonzalez and sign the petition. Stay tuned for updates.