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no smoking
no tickets
love your city
It's the Law! celebrate

riding around

o Follow the Floodline
o Aliens vs. Robots
o NYC Join the Club
o Bicyclists' Right to the Road
o Don't Even Think of Parking Here
o NYC Bike Lane Rules
o Autos Kill
o ¡Viva Critical Mass!
o We're On The Move!
o Try a NO CAR Diet!
o Brooklyn Feeder
o (N.Y.C.) What's Going On?
o (Brooklyn) What's Going On?
o We're Glad You Could Join Us!
o Brooklyn/Pee-Wee CM
o Kansas City CM
o Don't be a square
o (D.C.) What's going on?
o Car Sick
o Thoughts & Corking Guide
o Every day is a holdup
o Parking Clown
o Take the lane!
o Traffic ... or trees?
o What's wrong with this picture?
o Mass if you're Critical
o WAIT! Bicycles are traffic
o It's the Law! (CVC 21202)
o Smoking car report form
o The Little Bicycle ...
o Celebration Demonstration
o 5 reasons we're still here
o The Friday Mini

changing the world

o Cyclists For Siegel
o Civilized Conveyance
o Marks of Woe
o RNC Critical Mass 2004
o Bike Bloc, M20, 2004
o Bikes Not Bombs Stickers
o Blood for Oil
o Bike! Against War
o It's the oil, stupid!
o Bikes, Not Bombs!
o Obeisance to Chevron
o Choosing an Issue
o What's next after oil?
o Stress Management Kit
o GOD-WILLA vs. Spokemonster
o Please avoid eye contact
o An Amoco-ble Solution
o Love your city - Ditch your car
o Fun Car Facts
o Calvin Klein underweight
o Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.
o Friday Commute Sing-a-long

dealing with cops

o SFPD rules on copwatching
o Police hotline stickers
o Beat the ticket, beat the cops
o Police abuse hotline info
o Stop police harassment

Take these flyers, hand them out, put them up, talk them over, send in your own. Every friend is at first a stranger, so keep your eyes and your heart open and go for it! On the street, revolution happens every day.

The Revolution Will Not Be Motorized
BiKe SuMMeR • JuLy 2003 • NeW YoRK, NeW YoRK


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