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dealing with cops

Lots of cyclists have stories about how an S.F. cop hassled them or blew off a serious complaint, or both. We can stop this by standing up for ourselves.

If you have trouble with a cop when you're riding, tell the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition -- write to or call 415/431-BIKE.

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SFPD rules on copwatching
You have the right to watch and record the SFPD!

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o 2-up copwatching.pdf (45K)

Valid only in San Francisco.

turtle - July 1998

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Sticker (in PDF)

Police hotline stickers
o Avery 5160, 5260, or 5660 label size hotlinestickers.pdf (20K)

Critical Mass Police Hotline
Beat police pressure as a mass!

Feb 1998

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Beat the ticket, beat the cops
Resisting police pressure on Critical Mass

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o fancy 3-up ticketflyer.pdf (160K)

What to do if a rider in your group gets stopped by the police. This one worked great! Remember the SF hotline: 415/289-6503

infinite monkeys - Jan 1998

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Police abuse hotline info
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o fancy 4-up hotline.pdf (15K)

Jon Winston - Jan 1998

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Flyer Text

Stop selective police harassment!
Hey, SFPD, bicycles aren't the problem

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o 4-up stopflyer.pdf (10K)
o full page stopposter.pdf (10K)

Matthew Hoover - Jan 1998

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