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28 July 2006

@ Follow the Floodline, a climate-change theme (and route), is proposed for the August 2006 Critical Mass in San Francisco, one year after Hurricane Katrina. In solidarity with similar commemorative rides on the same day.

18 August 2005

@ Aliens vs Robots is the theme of August 2005 Critical Mass in NYC (one full year after the police attacked it). Which side are you on? Join the Club suggests that folks beat the heat with group rides, and is a great resource listing NYC-area bike clubs to ride with. All Bikes Are Air-Conditioned!" Two more great flyers from Veloprop.

10 August 2005

@ Bicyclists' Right to the Road makes errant New York City motorists aware of the laws covering our right to use the streets, and their responsibility to behave accordingly. (Similar to It's the Law!, except that it cites laws that apply in NYC rather than California.)

@ FULL COLOR Cyclists for Norman Siegel flyers.

31 July 2005

@ Cyclists for Norman Siegel support a very worthy candidate for what could be the very worthy elected position of Public Advocate -- if somebody worthwhile had the job. Siegel has been fighting for civil rights for over 30 years and is currently defending Critical Mass bicyclists from a SLAPP lawsuit filed by the City of New York.

(His opponent, the incumbent, is no friend of bicycling and has done nothing about the city's recent outrageous attacks on Critical Mass. In fact, in the past, when a corrupt off-duty police officer drove a car into a group of bike demonstrators, this now-so-called public advocate liked to the national press and said that bicyclists had attacked the car with pipes!)

27 July 2005

@ Don't Even Think Of Parking Here (i.e. the bike lane). For motorists, an appeal to reason from Veloprop. You can mix and match them with their other 4-up flyers. (For example, if an appeal to reason won't work, you could show 'em the law.)

25 July 2005

@ Veloprop made a bunch of 4-up flyers, including some sad Autos Kill statistics and one explaining NYC's Bike Lane Rules. Also, for many uses, a happy Iris Murdoch Quote about bicycles and a not-so-happy William Blake Quote that's eerily prescient about car-choked streets.

@ Happy anniversary. This is the 8th anniversary of the San Francisco Critical Mass police riot, the 59th anniversary of the first atomic bomb (lowercase critical mass) exploding underseas, and on a happier note, the 109th anniversary of the Good Roads Rally on Market Street in San Francisco, with 5000 riders!

06 June 2005

@ ¡Viva Critical Mass! is the first offering from Veloprop (Lola Langster and e. Donovan) with photography by Fred Askew. Relevant safety statistics on the back.

22 May 2005

@ Multimassing in Manhattan. We're On The Move appeared in New York City in early 2005. The flyer's creators choose to remain anonymous, though they did photocopy artwork from some old TIME'S UP! flyers. HTMLified for Screed.

6 February 2005

@ What's going on? Well, Brooklyn explains. Police hassling got heavy in New York City, so rides began to multi-mass (starting from multiple locations and maybe meeting up). So then Manhattan explains in a way that's suitable for multiple locations. Brooklyn, too, adopts a feeder ride strategy. Still we ride!

@ Los Angeles recommends a NO CAR Diet, with four satellite rides. (I guess that's what you call feeder rides when you're on a diet?)

10 September 2004

@ In New York City there was a Bike National Convention Critical Mass, the second Brooklyn Critical Mass, and the very informative "We're Glad You Could Join Us!".

26 February 2004

@ Bike Bloc rides again at the M20 anti-war protests in N.Y.C. (and anywhere else).

27 January 2004

@ Kansas City Critical Mass contributes an elegant all-text flyer.

20 November 2003

@ HTMLification of D.C's. invitation to get hip.

7 April 2003

@ Bikes Not Bombs xerocracy continues, with a sticker sheet et al.

@ Old and new flyers, from hither and yon: D.C.'s What's going on?, Omaha's Car Sick, a Chicago version of the Parking Clown, and Portland's Thoughts on Critical Mass (and UnOfficial Guide to Corking).

@ HTML-based flyers are becoming common on Screed, so I wrote a what's HTML? page.

25 March 2003

@ War in Iraq has prompted the creation of much xerocracy: BIKE! Against War et al.

23 June 2001

@ Screed has moved. Farewell to "" and many thanks to David Powers for creating and hosting this site in its most tender, formative years. David's "what's new?" entries are so much more than updates about changes to the Screed site; they're dispatches from the velorution, a wonderful snapshot of San Francisco's Critical Mass community during some very active and vital times. Highly recommended reading.

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